Staunton State Park Day Hikes


Evergreen Wilderness Guides teaches you backcountry skills while taking you thru Staunton State Park, a very special place with flowing meadows at 8,100 feet to  granite foothill mountains over 10,000 feet.  Our guided hikes educate you in local history, geology, fauna, and flora. We teach backcountry skills along the way and have lunch using backcountry white gas or butane stoves. We will design any hike for the time and distance of your liking.  Our favorite is the Elk Falls Trail and is listed below.

Staunton State Park is Colorado’s newest state park opened to the public on May 18, 2013. The park is located approximately 40 miles southwest of downtown Denver, north of US Highway 285 and about six miles west of Conifer. The Park sits divided between Park and Jefferson counties, in Pine, Colorado.



Half day Hikes (4 hours) Park Fees Included

1 person for $140
2 people $ 200
3 people $ 245
4-6 people – $100  per each additional person

Full Day Hikes (8 hours) Park Fees Included

1 person $285
2 people $ 355
3 people $ 410
4-6 people – $100 per each additional person


Click here or the Colorado Parks and Wildlife logo to view the whole trail!