Roary Kiah Archibald

Wilderness Survival Instructor

Roary was born and raised in Evergreen, Colorado and has been working for the Evergreen Parks and Recreation District since 2005.  He has been a great addition to EWG skill set and comes highly recommended.  Roary is a survival expert and instructs various levels of wilderness survival skills at Staunton State Park, Alderfer Three Sisters, and at privately owned organizations.

His skills were perfected independently.  Roary also studied in Prescott, Arizona at the Aboriginal Living Skills School to acquire a primitive and modern fire making techniques certification. His is a current Wilderness First Responder and experienced outdoor educator.

“My goal is to educate people about the real and biological wonders of earth so maybe one day, people will learn to appreciate nature and work to protect the abundant life that thrives on this planet.”      

Please give me a call with any questions at  (303) 476-0918 or