Our most popular course and lots of fun ! Hiking, outdoor education on local trees, flowers, geology and more.  This four hour course starts with a 35 minute hike in a beautiful  and scenic park.  We arrive at our course area and instruct on climbing and rappelling equipment, rappelling safety fundamentals, and then rappel multiple times and practice our skills all morning.  Lots of Fun!  There are great views of Mt. Evan and Mt. Bierstadt, local Colorado 14ers.

  • Rappelling safety/hazard recognitions
  • Rope terminology and fundamentals
  • Instructor Demonstration
  • Lots of Rappelling!!!!
  • Autoblock, rappelling safety backups

Half Day ( 4 hours)

1 person for $185
2 people $ 275
3 people $ 345
4-6 people – $80 per each additional person

Full Day (8 hours)

1 person $325
2 people $ 500
3 people $ 650
4-6 people – $95 per each additional person


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Please call us for reduced pricing on groups over six.