Lost Hiker Scenario

Your are out hiking, climbing, backcountry skiing or walking your dog and you are LOST…. EWG’s four to six hour course can save your life!  Roary designed this specialized course to help the lost hiker survive his ill fated backcountry adventure.   We educate about the natural environment, it’s dangers and how to use it’s resources to survive the night in the Colorado Rockies.

Priorities of survival (seconds, minutes, hours, days etc.)

-Principals of insulation/thermoregulation (How to stay warm!!!)

-Plant life identification and use  (What can I eat?) 

-Fire starting, safety and use

-First Aid  ( How do I stop bleeding?) 

-Hydration and water location

-Navigation and Rescue 

-Leave no trace principles



Price for this day course is $225 per person with discounts for more participants.  

Children under 13  years old must be accompanied by an adult and need parental consent under 18 years old.