Advanced Rappelling


Advanced Rappelling is for multi-pitch climbers, canyoneers, and people who need advance rope and rappelling skills.  The Course is an 8 hour day broken into four sections.  There are ground schools and rappelling drills.

Session I:          Rappelling Equipment


-Rope coils (Mountaineer and Butterfly)

-Knots and hitches

-Rappel rings/links/bolt

-Natural anchors

-Bolt anchors

-Gear anchors


Session II:         Mechanical Rappels

-Review of rappelling fundamentals

-Review of back ups/auto-block

-Belaying (firefighter, separate belay, backups)

-Munter hitch rappels

-Carabiner brake system

-Fixed line rappels

-Self lowering rappel

-Deploying rope (toss and go/rope bag/saddlebags)

-Retrieving rope

Session III        Multi-Pitch Rappelling



-Personal anchor system

-Extended rappels

-Simul rappel

-Retrieval Chord

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1 person for $475

2 people for $675

3 people for $875

4-6 people- $100 per each additional person