Anchor Clinics


How to Set Up TopRopes and Anchors, anchors, anchors!!!!

”How can I build safe top rope climbing systems for my friends and family to advance our skills. “

  • Terrain assessment, how can I set up a top rope (TR) without lead climbing
  • Climbing site considerations, leave no trace, climbing etiquette to others
  • Ground anchors and back up belayers
  • Review of equipment (ropes, cords, various carabiners, harnesses)
  • Using bolts and slings to create TR anchors
  • Using a static line to create a TR system
  • Personal anchor systems, tether lines or belays to set up TR
  • Prequalized climbing anchors
  • Self equalized climbing anchors
  • Lowering techniques for climbers

How to Properly Use Climbing Protection

  • Terrain assessment, micro and macro rock features
  • Good gear placements and improper gear placements
  • Cleaning and retrieving equipment
  • Set traditional (clean climbing) protection such as slings, nuts, spring loaded camming devices (SLCDs), hexes, bolts, tricams, and various gear
  • Understanding of chords, runners, slings, webbing, ropes, and how to use them properly.
  • Build pre and self equalized climbing anchors.
  • Build more anchors, and build a few more anchors!!

 ($125 per person, up to 8 students in clinic)   All Clinics are four hours, scheduled by appointment.