Advanced Rappelling

Advanced Rappelling focuses on the next step past our Rappelling Course.  When the client is entering the vertical world up or down.  The day is designed for new mountaineers, climbers, canyoneers, and anyone seeking to gain knowledge and hands on experience with advance rappelling and rope skills.

It is a six-hour day broken into four  segments with short breaks as we go.  The first and third sessions are ground school lessons.  The second and fourth session are practice drills and rappelling.


Session I:          Rappelling Equipment

  • Equipment/chords/rope
  • Rope coils (Mountaineer and Butterfly)
  • Knots and hitches
  • Rappel rings/links/bolts


Session II:         Mechanical Rappels

  • Review of rappelling fundamentals
  • Review of back ups/auto-block
  • Belaying (firefighter, separate belay, backups)
  • Carabiner rappels
  • Munter hitch rappels
  • Carabiner brake system
  • Fixed line rappels
  • Self lowering rappel
  • Deploying rope (toss and go/rope bag/saddlebags)
  • Retrieving rope


Session III:       Anchors

  • Natural anchors
  • Bolt anchors
  • Gear anchors (Not much focus on placing traditional gear, see our Anchors Course)



Session IV        Multi-Pitch Rappelling

  • Masterpoints
  • Modeling/sequencing
  • Personal anchor system
  • Extended rappels
  • Multi-pitch extended rappel
  • Simul rappel


One person $425         Two people $ 625
Three people $ 800    

Four six people – $105 per each additional person